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To the Hansen family: Many thanks for letting us know about the website you have created about and for your daughter and for others. I'll forward the details to the National Alliance Committee of Rare Disorders Belgium. All the very best to you. Karen Jane TURNER Secretary of the National Alliance Committee Rare Disorders Belgium - RDB Karen Jane TURNER
Dear Kitt: Thank you very much for letting me know about the web link. It is fantastic and very useful that you took the time to do all this work. Yours, MIGUEL ______________________________________ MIGUEL ZEBRAE
Dearest Hansen-family! What a wonderful letter of life and love of a sympathetic family. We all wish you the best for your children and family. You should ask Alain Fischer from Paris to send you a photograph of Claude Griscelli; he is a very French person: full of ideas, full of laughter, full of love for children. I have the favor to know him since 1972 when we met on one of the first immunodeficiency conferences in Florida. At that time only a few doctors knew of these diseases, and only a few number of diseases were known either. Progress has been tremendous, and one should say, that the group of Claude Griscelli and Alain Fischer have really been the leading scientists and pediatricians in the world to the possibilities of treatment and genetic understand that we can refer to today. Our transplanted little patient in Munich is doing fine! May be, all these children should have with your help a party - via e-mail! Yours Bernd H.Belohradsky Bernd H.Belohradsky
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